At Neil M we believe in delivering men’s footwear products that are unsurpassed in
personalized fit and all-day comfort.


Our wide range of sizes and widths means a more accurate fit and superior comfort.
We use only American sizing (8, 8.5, 9…) We offer 3 widths: B (N), D (M) and EEE (W)
Some styles and colors may not be available in all sizes and widths.
The Crest Collection is available in D and EE due to the nature of the last.

We recommend visiting your nearest Neil M retailer to have your feet professionally
measured, and trying on shoes before purchasing. All of our retailers are full-service,
qualified, professional shoe fitters.


The fit and comfort of Neil M shoes begins with the last. Lasts are plastic foot forms
on which the shoes are made. The 3D measurements of these lasts are developed by
our design and manufacturing
team and are proprietary. New lasts must be produced
for every change of toe shape, heel height or shoe style.

(A dress oxford needs a different last than a hand sewn casual or a sandal.)


Materials are essential to comfort. We use only the finest full grain cowhides, bison,
and nubuck leathers available.
All our shoes have removable footbeds to accommodate
custom orthotics and allow Custom
Fitting. All footbeds are made of M-Tech Polyurethane
for maximum shock absorption.

Poron insoles offer maximum cushioning, shock absorption and durability.

Carbon fiber shanks provide support and stability and are airport friendly.Outsole
material is chosen to suit the function of the shoe style. Materials include TPU,
leather, and our exclusive M-Tech Polyurethane with Gel Technology.